I miss my coffee after being a mom!



I am sure just the word coffee makes everyone to grab that one cup of aromatic and lovely coffee.. yummmmmm..

Well, we have coffee on several occassions: As a guest we are served with, as a friend when we go out for a treat, as a coworker while discussing a brainstorming solution, as a daughter having a talk with mom, as a wife having a cozy evening with hubby BUT as a mother the coffee-drinking becomes a very complicated task and we need a strategy to think how to enjoy a cup of coffee. I remember those beautiful days in my university when I used to have a very big cup of strong coffee with milk and a novel of Tess Gerritsen or Dan Brown to read. Coffee is my love. Now I lost all my relation with it completely.

  Coffee before being a mom

  • Make coffee
  • Switch on TV or listen to music
  • Grab a book
  • Lie on a couch and
  • RELAXxxxx
  • Drink coffee savoring in the taste and smelling in the beautiful aroma

Now lets see drinking coffee after being a mom of two.

Here goes: Both my babies are sleeping. I think ‘maybe’ I can quietly have a ‘ME‘ time and enjoy coffee. Happily I get off my bed and tiptoe out of the bedroom. I enter my kitchen and finally succeed in making coffee without any crying or a waking baby. So far, good..yaaaay! Now I pray that “please God just 10 minutes let me enjoy a cup of coffee”.

  •  I take first few sips of coffee. Lovely and delicious!!!!
  • Suddenly my eldest daughter wakes up and asks for milk. I give her a bottle. Takes 10 minutes to finish her 240ml milk and she sleeps back.
  • Reheat coffee.
  • I sit down again, take a few sips.
  • Youngest one cries as she soiled her diaper. I clean and change her. She doesn’t want to go back to sleep and I play with her. My coffee is getting cold.
  • Reheat again.
  • I continue playing with her forgetting my coffee which is in the microwave in spite of beep sounds.
  • Oops! my coffee….. Cold again and I reheat for the third time.
  • Youngest one starts crying as she is hungry and I breastfeed her for 15 minutes. My coffee is staring at me now!!!!
  • Fourth reheat. Eldest wakes up and asks for food. I make food for her while trying to sip coffee in between.
  • I wash dishes side-by-side and forget my coffee again. Reheating my cup of coffee for the fifth time.
  • Eldest spills water on her dress. So I change her and I saw that the diaper trash is full. I tie up all other trashes including diaper one and discard.
  • My coffee which is half cup full is cold and tastes very odd (yucky in fact!!!) after so much reheating. Yet  I reheat it for the sixth time.
  • Then my hubby calls and talk for few minutes.  My mobile in one hand and the youngest baby in the other hand I give a distant look at the coffee, dreading to drink that brown liquid.
  • Finally I heat it for the ‘n‘ th time and drink in one gulp, no longer enjoying the smell or taste. I had to drink it because I made it and didn’t want to throw that much of milk and coffee bean.

 I realized that being mom takes over all your priorities and drinking as simple as a glass of water takes a backseat. Nevertheless it becomes funny when you pen this down and read this a few years later cherishing that brown liquid which was tasteless and odorless! Still I miss you my coffee. I love you so much that I will make up for all our missed dates@!!@


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