My lighthouse baby!

476540139            Last night for some reason my eldest daughter was crying on top of her voice and demanding that I sleep with her. Usually it is my husband getting her to sleep. She is 2 years old now and I have another baby to tend to. So without any other choice my husband told me to get the eldest to sleep while he will take care of the baby.
So to make him feel comfortable and calm I told him that she will definitely sleep because she is well fed, her diaper is freshly changed after her recent warm bath. I consoled him saying that she will sleep well. You just need to rock her to sleep. Rest assured I left him with the baby and I was busy calming and soothing my eldest. Shortly after me and my daughter fell fast asleep.
Sunrays hit the curtains and light falls in our room. Checked the clock and it is 6.30am. But I can hear voices outside the room in the hall…… Confused, I peek out to have a look. Why is it so eerie? Only one voice?
My eyes scan wide across the hall AND I had to hold my laugh! (So that my eldest won’t wake up). The scene is as described: my husband is sleeping (snoring) on the sofa. My baby is arrested between the sofa and my hubby. However since she has no toys beside her, her toy is her father’s face!!!! She is learning the contours of his face! She is poking his eyelids. Plucking his eyelashes (Ouch!) Grabbing his nose. Slapping his cheeks. Biting his chin. She is the one talking alone and trying to wake her father up…
I wake him up and ask “Why are you sleeping here?” He replied “Because of the lighthouse!!” I couldn’t get what he is saying and thought he is still sleepyhead and I asked “Didn’t you sleep well?”. He said ” No! I didn’t sleep well because of the lighthouse!!
I started getting annoyed. OK.  What is this lighthouse??????

His version of the story:
He said your baby ( ya! when it comes to naughtiness it is my baby) was awake all night. I tried to get her to sleep but she doesn’t want to sleep. I kept my eyes closed and held her to my chest and started humming. She struggles a lot to look at my face. Now she pushes herself a little bit up aligning her face with mine. I keep my eyes closed. But I can sense her. I kept my eyes a slit open. Since the room is dark she is not able to understand whether my eyes are open or not. So she tries to zoom in and comes very close and look innocently. I am trying really hard to hold my laugh. Then she scans each eye. Slowly. She looks at my left eye. She gets confused. She looks at me again. Then she checks my right eye. Still not able to understand. Just the way lighthouse scans across with lights. Finally she poked my eyes. And everything went from quiet, dark, bored to noisy, loud laughter!.. We were awake all night because she was like a lighthouse scanning for open eyes.. lol..
He promised he will never ask to take care of eldest at night. And I sure he will never say it is easy to take care of her! Isn’t my baby cute to do that! Ha ha ha…..Love my lighthouse baby to bits!!!HUGS!


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