Annoying things you dare say to a SAHM or Working Mom!!

annoy     Most new moms or moms that have babies back-to-back or working moms have a difficult time to manage kids. Yes, any kind of suggestion, advice, parenting tip is all welcome. So when does it become annoying and irritating?

  1. When someone who has kids in school and compares their life with yours when you have two kids under two? They say its manageable for them then why not us?: Well, because my kids are yet to learn our language! When I say to my 1 year old not to cross the road, she won’t cross even if her IQ level is 10000 or even let us assume she must be having “Bodhi-dharman” genes.. Lol. But when you say to your 6 year old the same, what would they do? Well they are out of their diapers, aren’t they?
  2. When someone says be a stay at home mom to a working mother: OK. So your hubby earns a handsome salary and doesn’t need to support anyone except you and your kids and also can afford your shopaholic genes, then yay! You are lucky girl!!! Celebrate yourself. Meanwhile my husband is just starting to settle in his career and take-off. So meanwhile, to help aid his take-off I need to work to keep our life going. And, of course, maybe he is responsible to other’s life too. Or maybe having surprise kids and that too with twins, can pull you off your financial stability. Or having a parent sick can do the same. You need money for all that! Mmmm, I was wondering how about if I share your husband’s credit card??? Lovely isn’t it?                              
  3. When a working mother says to a SAHM you studied to sit at home??: Well, I am not happy that I am a Doctor and stay at home all day stinky, wire-haired and wearing the same pajamas for a week. But I am happy that I am a mother and I am at home. Moroever, when I can be at the comforts of my now-messy home why should I bother to take stress of another set of professional people outside? Additionally, education don’t rust, when my kids grow up and I feel for it, I will get a job. It is actually none of your business as to how, when and where I get the job! But if you are very concerned please help me when I ask rather than turn your face away!
  4. When someone says I do it this way and you should too: OK. You do it your way. It is your family. Your home. Your genes. Do whatever you want. You don’t set the rules in my home. If I cannot go somewhere it is not because I am lazy or ignorant, it is because I have three tiny tots and your kid are above 7 years (and maybe you have only one child)! Well I guess kids of different age behave different right, don’t they? Or is your child still drinking bottled milk and doing his poo in diaper. THEN ok we are in the same boat. If not, stay out of my way. And remember you have no clue as to how my home runs.
  5. Cook this food and you give names of your local food: If I had time to ‘Google’ and cook I wouldn’t bother cooking the same and my traditional food again and again. So, you come up with Arabic, British, Italian, Philippino, Egyptian, Pakistani and Indian names of food. Don’t even bother to say the ingredients because I am not going to buy and stress over it. Or explain me well about it rather than saying “Oh you don’t know this dish? It is very famous!“.
  6. I did this, so you should do this: So you did it. Wow! But really don’t expect me to do it and don’t push me into it until unless I ask you to. You are an experienced mom, but what works for your daughter won’t work for my son. I love your advice and concern but GIVE me the freedom to follow it or not. Don’t just stand right there and make me do it. Rest assured, that will be your last day in my home.
  7. Why don’t you make variety of foods?: Yeah you make delicious food for kids and they gobble it up (or they don’t even look at it). Try that on my son and he might puke. I am not lazy and sitting simply. I am trying to figure it out what is best for my kids. Let me discover their taste buds my way.
  8. Oh what a tragedy your kids are sick!: Nooo! How come that is a tragedy?? Go see the definition in a dictionary! Being sick, like having a runny nose or cough is not a tragedy. It is something really normal. And you might be saying this when your kids are sick at the same time too. Look at your home first and then poke your nose in mine. Actually don’t!
  9. I have so and so experience and psychology degree and so I know my kids well: Listen smart lady, I have seen your kids using your mobile and i-pad and laptop. So didn’t your psychology course teach you the effects of all these on a kid’s brain? Don’t take a class of that on me, do it for yourself please. Or did your common sense box expire? You do not need a master’s to understand a child. You just need some QUALITY time, not the numbers on your marklist! No matter how you prepare for birth nothing is the same as you thought, it is different. It is your unique experience. Same goes for child rearing, you psychology duffer!
  10. I feel sad your kids go to babysitter while you work: Astonishingly this comes from colleagues who send their kids to a day-care too or who have a nanny at home. I mean really get a life please! Don’t you see what you are doing? Are you that stupid? How about I leave my kids in your office or showroom? How about you pay me the money I need for running my life? Before you say this again, please take a moment and ask whether you are in the same place. If yes, please shut up. I will be thankful for it.
  11. Oh your kids are lean and skinny: Yeah mommy! Look at me and hubby we are lean, sexy and hot. So are our kids because they carry our genes. I am so good at heart that I cannot say that you and your spouse are short and stout and so are your kids. Sorry I can’t say it on your face. Yes, so my kids are lean and I am happy because I know they eat and sleep well and have all developmental activities on time. So I don’t need your sympathy. Keep it with you please.

I guess I am done for now. LOL.

If you loved this post please like and share just as a token of appreciation and motivation. Thanks and hugs to all mommas who can relate to at least one annoying aspect in this 🙂 🙂 😀 These are all compiled from different people’s experiences.


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