Unconditional love of an Indian husband (pun intended)

unconditional-loveSo we, Indian women have very loving husbands and their love is so unconditional that it suffocates us. Wait! I am not saying we are ignoring our hubby’s love and sincerity in the efforts to make us feel loved. But let me run you through some of our worrisome rather annoying Indian husband’s dialogues when we want something or try something:

  • When you buy an eye liner they are worried about your eyes losing its beauty 🙂XHV5OO4XdX
  • When you buy a lipstick they worry whether you will eat the lead it and you will die next day 😀lip.jpg
  • When you want to go shopping, they suggest to eat out and actually you are not in the mood to eat.funny-shopping-pictures
  • When you suggest to eat out they take you out shopping and you don’t want to really go shopping because you are way too tired to walk.
  • When you ask them order fast food they worry about all the fat we will take in and the cleanliness of how it is cooked.6ff53ecbbc65a385f2ae6a76b80a0b4f
  • When you ask them to buy ice cream they say you will catch a cold or fever or whatever 😦


  • When you order spicy food they worry about your digestion process and all of a sudden ulcer props up 😉


  • When you want coffee they worry about the caffeine intake and will say you will not sleep blah blah


  • When you take medicines they worry about your liver but not how to take care of you or help you because they know we do alot and they cannot cope that much of work 😀 So we get liver class for free!


  • When you want new dress they make you look beautiful in old dresses and start looking at your wardrobe when they have no idea what you really have in it :D. And actually our problem is we never have enough lol!My-wardrobe
  • When you style your hair they worry about the vitality and luscious nature of hair 😉


  • When you nail paint they worry you will eat it and will think you will be in heaven next day. They also worry that nails get brittle and dry 😀


  • When you wear heels they worry about your feet and back. But they won’t massage your feet or back when your feet is running around the home doing multi-chores 😀


  • When you want Chinese food they worry about Mono Sodium Glutamate you consume……..Is-MSG-bad-for-you-CRS
  • When you carry the baby they worry whether you hold the neck of the baby right. Oh yeah I am gonna twist it 😀                                                      3cda7885e4ecf31522285da327c081cd
  • When you give milk or water to kids they worry about the temperature, when you know by touch it is OK.tumblr_m96ltrrxNx1r8p2q4.gif
  • When you are washing dishes they worry about the amount of dishwashing liquid we use. Arrgh!Mr_Stingy_Logo.png
  • When you eat chocolate they worry about your teeth (Dental visits are expensive, aren’t they?).FalseTeeth1_large.jpg
  • When you talk on phone they worry about ears and brain (Mobile bill is skyrocketing and their heart is plummeting.)

images (1)

  • When you want to go out with friends they worry about your safety.


  • When you buy any veg item in the market they bring down the whole market for the best one when actually the one in your hand and his hand are the same!!! Uffff


  • When you put a picture of yourself as profile/ display picture in any app they are worried if you will be in youtube the next day as pornstar. LOL!


  • When you drape a saree or wear any dress, they scan you up and down because a little skin be it your forearms, they think the whole species of men will be drooling over it.

download (2)

So much of concern. Some are OK. But seriously we women are individuals of own opinions and decisions. Before we were handed over to you in the so-called ceremony of marriage, we were taught how to take care of ourselves, how to dress, how to behave, etc.

WE know what is good and bad, what is right and wrong. Don’t interfere in EACH AND EVERY aspect of our life. We need our space and respect of who we are. Don’t try to change us and we won’t try to change you. Live and let live. I find so many men marry a woman thinking “Oh, I will change her”. Trust me, it will end in divorce or she might murder you!! LOL

So please, we really do understand what you really intend on those caring words and its hidden meanings are easy for us woman to interpret it. Better say it in your own mind please (sarcasm fully overloaded)

So the unconditional love fails badly because:

  • They don’t help you with dishes in spite of it piling up. Instead of helping they worry about your hands that you are really least bothered.
  • They don’t help you with just putting clothes in the washing machine.
  • They don’t help you change diapers or kid’s homework and project.
  • They don’t take you out, if they do they won’t let you buy anything, if you do buy, then you will regret it.
  • They don’t play with kids.
  • They don’t help in cooking.
  • They don’t fix anything at home.
  • They don’t help until you tell a gazillionth time to do something.

Do the above, do things physically and follow your promises with actions rather than words. DO IT! and we will love you for THAT unconditional love !!! Hugs 😀 😀

WE ladies love a man in action not a man lazying around 😀

Who all agree with me?


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