Guest in my home??

PrintGuest in my home?

Clothes on the floor; on the hooks behind the door of every single room and bathroom; on the sofa and dining chair; on the table; on the bed; on the iron stand… Clothes screaming everywhere!!! AND they are all the clothes of MY GUEST


Legos on the floor, juice stains on the table and sofa, tea dripping from the table to the floor making a wide spill, blocks in the kitchen, toys in the sink, doll’s clothes in the laundry basket, kids shoes of which the pair is missing, board books torn apart! These are MY GUEST’S kids.


The trash, piles on and on, diapers stink in the diaper pile, laundry shouts at me, dried clothes need to be put in place, shirts need ironing, towels badly need a wash, my chores are too much because of my esteemed GUEST!!!!

Dishes from the sink are ready to fall out, all the four burners of stove are burning, the kitchen floor has pieces of onion, tomato, mint leaves strewn on the floor, the counters need a good clean, fridge needs organizing! I am busy because of my GUEST!

th (3)

The floor of the living room is well decorated! Brooms, baby towels, papers, paint, color, pens, food and spills, bags, toys, kids bean bag, cups and saucers, tissues, you name it I will find it for you.. These are MY GUEST’S kids. But it is ok as they are kids.

Bedsheets look at me crying from the vomit of a baby, milk  from the bottle of toddler, from debris that travels from floor via kids feet to the bed, from the food, from leaked diapers. Towels have my eyeliner stains and foundations on it. Curtains smell of the food I cooked for years, they are decorated with spills on it too, my curtains are thick with a thick layer of dust for years. I wish I could do something about them but my GUEST is unbelievable and keeps me busy!!!

Medicine cabinet needs sorting, spices need sorting, papers and documents are flying around including passport, old clothes need to put away, kids accessories needs to be hunted down, store needs to be looked at. Innumerable tasks pending because of the THE GUEST!

th (5)

Grocery and immediate shopping list, gift for birthdays, baby showers, colleagues wedding, keeping a long list of reminders and to-do list, being a secretary for kids appointments and mine, all are on snooze because of this GUEST!

th (7).jpg

My hair is dry, my face is full of blackheads and uneven skin, my skin is screaming for hydration, my muscles ache for some rest, my eyes beg me to go to sleep, my hands shout at me to stop, my feet is tired and give up, my brain demands a break from multi tasking, my organs ask me to follow proper meal plans but sorry to all of this, I am busy because of MY GUEST!!!

th (8).jpg

So, WHO is this guest keeping me busy? Who is it consuming my time? Who is it that can’t see all this? And lend me a hand?

th (9)

It is THE HUSBAND.. !!! Tadaaaaaaa

He is really a guest. Like any other guest! But I guess guests helps you better.

He is a very special guest. Place him on the sofa, put his feet up on the table, give him his laptop on his lap, mobile on his right hand, remote control of TV on the left hand, some snacks on the left and right side, with tea or beer on the table, add a cushion for his back and feet and let the guest rest and the host serve for life!!!

I wish you were more of my partner than seeing yourself as a guest at home.

Help me. Not help. Actually learn to Do your share of laundry, your share of cleaning, your share of cooking or doing dishes, your share of sorting, your share of parenting and your share of loving me..

Till you be my partner I will serve you as my guest living in the hope that one day you will wake from this deep slumber of ignorance!

Yours loving wife!


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